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FTC versus Innovative Marketing and others

October 3rd 2012 in Uncategorized

Good news.  Remember Innovative Marketing? They were involved in “scareware” years ago, and the scareware and the lawsuit have been featured many times on this blog (scareware names such as WinFixer, WinAntiVirus, WinAntiVvirusPro,  WinAntiSpyware, Popupguard, WinFirewall, InternetAntispy, WinPopupguard, ComputerShield, WinAntispy, PCsupercharger, ErrorSafe, SysProtect, DriveCleaner, SystemDoctor  and ErrorProtector have all been associated with Innovative Marketing).

Much has happened over the years in the Courts but one question that remained was Kristy Ross (once Sam Jain’s girlfriend), who continued to fight on after her fellow defendants settled, or simply ignored the lawsuit and had judgment entered against them. Kristy herself, though she got herself a lawyer, failed to answer and respond to any discovery requests and to appear at trial (see http://ftc.gov/os/caselist/0723137/121002winfixeropinion.pdf).

The FTC has announced a “joint and several” judgment of more than $163 million against the final defendant Kristy Ross (of course, whether they actually get the money is a different matter – the bench trial against Ross was held “in absentia”):

Sam Jain is still a fugitive as is Sundin.  Jain has allegations of mail and wire fraud against him as well as domestic and international money laundering. 

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Here’s a new twist on an old story… as always, if you hover over a hyperlink you can see that the emails are not legitimate.     

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