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Oh, that’s interesting–a multi language fake Western Union email…

March 13th 2013 in Uncategorized



Of course, you don’t want to open that attachment. The text of the message is:

“Dear Agent
Ref. 13 March 2013
Please find enclosed your settlement report for the date indicated above. Please pay the amount due today.
If you have any query, please contact your local Settlement Executive.
Thank you for your co-operation.
Please do not reply to this unnatended e-mail address
Cher Agent
Veuillez trouver ci-joint votre rapport de règlement pour la date indiquée ci-dessus. Veuillez nous remettre le montant du aujourdhui.
Si vous avez besoin de renseignements supplémentaires, appelez votre Administrateur local.
Merci de votre co-opération.
Bien à vous
Apreciable Agente,
Ref. 13 March 2013
Sírvase encontrar adjunto su reporte de cierre de la fecha arriba indicada.
Favor de contactar a su representante de cuentas para cualquier pregunta adicional.
© 2001-2013 Western Union Holdings, Inc.”

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As you can tell by hovering over the hyperlink, the email is obviously fake.  The text of the email is: Welcome, You can download your Adobe CS4 License here – We encourage you to explore its new and enhanced capabilities […]

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  As always, hover over a hyperlink and you can see the email is fake. This email has an interesting behaviour that I do not remember having seen before. Check out what you see if you hover over a Red X that traditionally indicates that a picture has not been downloaded.  […]

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