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Ubisoft compromised

July 3rd 2013 in Uncategorized

Cite: http://blog.ubi.com/security-update-for-all-ubisoft-account-holders/

Yes, Ubisoft have taken action to protect themselves and their users but here’s something to think about – if any of those Ubisoft users have used the same username and password on other sites, then those sites are at risk too. That’s why it is SO important to NEVER use the same username and password on multiple sites.

It can be a pain to have lots of different usernames and passwords, I know, but at the very least make sure you have unique stuff for the most sensitive sites – online email, banking, instant messaging clients, any account that exposes your personal information or can be used as a way to gain access to other sites.

For example, if your email account is compromised, and that email account is used (for example) to receive “password resets” for other sites (which the bad guys can work out from going through your inbox, folders, sent items, deleted items) then they can easily take over all those accounts too.

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