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Dear Google and Microsoft

February 14th 2014 in Uncategorized


This alert appeared in Google Chrome today.  I have no idea why.

Dear Google: how am I meant to know if this is a “real” Skype extension?  There’s no information about the provider/developer on that screen and if I close the dialogue because I don’t want to install something unexpected unless I know it is legit I lose the opportunity to install (there’s nothing in the Extensions window – even disabled – and the prompt to enable disappears from the Customize dropdown).

Dear Microsoft: assuming this was a real Skype extension, and it’s from one of your update processes, can you PLEASE tell me when you’re going to install new stuff before you do it to save me from the inevitable confusion? Auto-update should only be used to update existing stuff without notice, not to add new stuff.

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Yeah, I know…  the sender of the invites to this “event” swears up-n-down that they didn’t like the page, or send me or others an invite, and he can’t find anything in his apps that looks suspicious Here’s the “event”.  Within hours the invite count had reached 784,432. If you’re silly enough to […]

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