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Removing just one site from the IE cache…

July 2nd 2014 in Uncategorized

Seen in the forums: “Hi. I have IE10 on a Win7 OS. I’m having trouble with one specific website reopening with old data.  Is it possible to clear the cache only of this one specific website and leave all other caches intact?”

The answer is … well, theoretically… if you have lots of patience and have only visited the one site that day and can identify all of the cache files using file name, date stamp etc.  Ok, now the theoretical answer is given, the practical answer is ummm, nope.  If you really really have to only delete the one site (remembering you can isolate cookies and password etc from the cache deletion process, then it would be easier to just use a different browser for that site, yes?

Oh, and if using IE, don’t set your the “check for new versions of web page” to automatic. It’s notoriously problematic.  In fact, changing this setting could possibly fix the complainer’s problem too.

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