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Hooray for the unloved Windows Home Server

July 10th 2014 in Uncategorized

Yes, I know, it’s defunct and all that, but I still love it.

I have an old HP MediaSmart Server chugging along here which I use as primary storage for a lot of work stuff.  Anyway, one of its drives failed the other day when it suddenly lost power.

I had been having some trouble with that drive for a little while, so wasn’t surprised and had a new drive ready as a replacement.  I’d already pulled the drive and run a chkdsk /r which identified some bad sectors, before putting the drive back and crossing my fingers.

I wasn’t able to successfully “remove” the failing drive using the WHS Wizard; I think because some bad sectors were preventing completion of the process. So, I powered down the server, removed the drive, powered up, “removed” the now missing drive using the Wizard then added a new one.

Because I had mirroring enabled for my most important folders, it looked like I hadn’t lost anything (there’s the *yay*).

I did, however, discover a short while ago that some older files were missing, but even that proved to not be a problem. I popped the failing drive into an external SATA bay from StarTech, navigated to DE/SHARES and was able to copy over nearly all of the missing files, except for some bits and pieces affected by the bad sectors.  The process took just minutes, instead of hours.

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You need to read this if you have a Netgear GS108PE Prosafe Plus switch: http://threatpost.com/hard-coded-password-vulnerability-plagues-some-netgear-switches/107039

No workaround unfortunately. Perhaps consider replacing if you’re negatively affected?

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