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Please update Flash on your systems

July 10th 2014 in Uncategorized

Here’s why: http://miki.it/blog/2014/7/8/abusing-jsonp-with-rosetta-flash/ – technical stuff, believe me, you wanna patch.

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Yes, I know, it’s defunct and all that, but I still love it.

I have an old HP MediaSmart Server chugging along here which I use as primary storage for a lot of work stuff.  Anyway, one of its drives failed the other day when it suddenly lost power.

I had been having some trouble with that […]

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“As part of our ongoing commitment to delivering a more secure browser, starting August 12th Internet Explorer will block out-of-date ActiveX controls. ActiveX controls are small apps that let Web sites provide content, like videos and games, and let you interact with content like toolbars. Unfortunately, because many ActiveX controls aren’t automatically updated, they can become outdated […]

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