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“There is no magic fairy dust protecting Macs" – Dai Zovi, author of “The Mac Hacker’s Handbook"

It looks like web-sniffer.net is no more…

August 29th 2014 in safety and privacy on the Internet

The domain is for sale, and it’s been taken over by sed0 parking.  If you go to the site you are automatically redirected to an advertising page.  To add insult to injury, using a USA IP address I was redirected to a fake java update page 🙁

Google Search is reporting that the site is possibly hacked, but that’s likely a misdetection.

Anyway, stay away.  It’s a sad loss, and was a very useful tool.

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His explanation for why the idea came to be is quite interesting.  “It was a way to associate an ad with a user’s page without putting it directly on the page, which advertisers worried would imply an association between their brand and the page’s content. Specifically, we came up with it when a major car […]

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Functionality *seems* to be back.  But, the site is still listed for sale, and WHOIS has changed.
Registrant is now a “Leonard Quack” of “MenschDanke GmbH”, Berlin.  Previously the Registrant was a Mario Mueller of Lingo4you GbR, Machern.
Hosting has changed too, from Sedoparking.com to Namespace4you.com
Be warned, things could go south again.  The domain has been bouncing between […]

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