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Ah, Toshiba, you disappoint me

November 5th 2014 in Off Topic / Funny Stuff

I haven’t had my Qosmio laptop for that long, I am sure, but now that I need to replace the laptop battery, do you think there is a non-faulty **genuine Toshiba** battery available for purchase? Well, no.

I did get a new battery costing $176 only to have it die within 48 hours of starting to use it.  So, I return it to my repair shop.  But it was fine when we tested it, they say.  Well it’s not now, says me.  They test the battery, confirm the problem, and organise a replacement. But the replacement, when it finally arrived, did the same thing! And apparently other “new” laptop batteries tested had the same problem.  The theory is the batteries are a bad batch, or have simply died after being on the shelf for a few years.  After waiting patiently for, get this, SEVEN WEEKS to find out if my repair shop can find a battery that will survive more than 48 hours we have given up.

So, I get a refund, and am left with my original laptop  battery that, thanks to constant use, only lasts half an hour or so and could die completely at any time – not much good I think you would agree.  And apparently, because the Qosmio is “so old”, the chances of Toshiba bothering to source a new batch of batteries is somewhere between “nil” and “no-f**cking chance”.  So old? Just what sort of lifespan is a “most expensive on the shelf” laptop meant to have.

Anyway, I’m in the market for a new laptop now, but I’m not inclined to go for Toshiba again if I’m going to find myself in the same position again in a few years time.  So, what to get? MAI? Asus? Alienware? Razer? It needs to be high spec.  And if its looks matches in with my “ooh, look, fancy schmancy with lots of lights and RED stuff” personality, even better 🙂

Any suggestions?

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Incident reported on 22 October 2014.  Cite: http://www.proofpoint.com/threatinsight/posts/malware-in-ad-networks-infects-visitors-and-jeopardizes-brands.php

“Without having to click on anything, visitors to the impacted websites may be stealthily infected with the CryptoWall 2.0 ransomware. Using Adobe Flash, the malvertisements silently “pull in” malicious exploits from the FlashPack Exploit Kit. The exploits attack a vulnerability in the end-users’ browser and install CryptoWall 2.0 on […]

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Word is it is breaking stuff, including the ability to access using secure sites using Chrome.

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Open gpedit.msc

Go to computer configuration > administrative templates > Network > SSL Configuration Settings > SSL Cipher Suite Order

Set it to enabled


The policy populates the Windows registry with the legacy cipher suites less the 4 […]

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