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It’s getting to the point where I wonder if its time to block advertising as standard operating procedure

August 27th 2015 in Malvertizing

I’ve been watching the malvertizing scene for a very long time, and historically have (sometimes with some trepidation) said that advertising shouldn’t be blocked as a matter of course, because every worker is worth his wage, and there are very real implications for the future viability of websites if they cannot earn an income from their content.

But now, malvertizing has expanded far past the old “your computer has been infected” / “your Flash/Java is out of date” fraudware and we are at real risk of extortionist type infections.  It’s got to the stage where we’re not blocking ads simply because we don’t like them. We’re blocking them because they are a real danger to our financial safety, and to our businesses.

Here’s a report from Cyphort that briefly discusses the problem:

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This would have got a STACK of people 🙁


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Details here:

“The incident occurred when people who where simply browsing MSN’s news, lifestyle or other portals were served with a malicious advertisement that silently loaded the Angler exploit kit and attempted to infect their computers.”

“While we did not collect the malware payload associated with this campaign, we believe it is either Ad fraud or ransomware, Angler’s trademark.”

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