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Warning: malware via Facebook

April 11th 2016 in safety and privacy on the Internet, viruses and exploits

2016-04-11_13-07-37Displayed URL in FB wall posts: IPV6.GOOGLE.COM
Displayed picture associated with the URL: the infected victim’s Facebook profile pic

Facebook wall post is set to Public.

Behavior: The text of the FB wall post is only a lot of friends being tagged.  Sometimes multiple Facebook wall posts appear.  Some people report that clicking on the link on Facebook leads victims to “glamour babes…naked women” websites, with no other affect that they are aware of. Another has reported that an entry was added to Add/Remove Programs, displaying a logo mimicking the legitimate Adobe logo, and using the Adobe name.  Another claims to have been locked out of her iPad.

Addendum 11 April 2016: another victim reports that a link has appeared in her Pages list on Facebook that is a random string of letters, and can’t be deleted.

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