Spyware Sucks
“There is no magic fairy dust protecting Macs" – Dai Zovi, author of “The Mac Hacker’s Handbook"

Malicious spam

May 4th 2016 in viruses and exploits

Just a reminder, be careful of the emails you open… all of the pictured emails are NOT legitimate, and included malicious attachments…


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Apparently an areyouadownload.com partner incorrectly implemented a tag, causing the download prompt.

Cite: https://twitter.com/areyouahuman/status/723529493202137088

areyouahuman.com is a service that tries to differentiate between bots, and “verified humans” before content, services and ads are presented to a website visitor.

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The domain being used to steal Apple ID usernames and passwords is mycloud-4.net, registered on 1 May 2016 via Crazy Domains.  Stay away.


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