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“There is no magic fairy dust protecting Macs" – Dai Zovi, author of “The Mac Hacker’s Handbook"

NetGear and Symantec vulnerabilities

July 1st 2016 in safety and privacy on the Internet

NetGear Web GUI Password Recovery and Exposure Security Vulnerability:

“NETGEAR is aware of the security issue that can expose web GUI login passwords while the password recovery feature is disabled. This vulnerability occurs when an attacker can access the internal network or when remote management is enabled on the router.”

Norton vulnerability: unclicked links and unopened e-mail messages

“Google’s “project zero” team, a group of security analysts tasked with hunting for computer bugs, discovered a heap of critical vulnerabilities in Symantec SYMC 0.93% and Norton security products. The flaws allow hackers to completely compromise people’s machines simply by sending them malicious self-replicating code through unopened emails or un-clicked links.

The vulnerabilities affect millions of people who run the company’s endpoint security and antivirus software, rather ironically to protect their devices. Indeed, the flaws rendered all 17 enterprise products (Symantec brand) and eight consumer and small business products (Norton brand) open to attack.”

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The domain being used to steal Apple ID usernames and passwords is mycloud-4.net, registered on 1 May 2016 via Crazy Domains.  Stay away.


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Cite: https://twitter.com/Kleissner/status/750019370617823232  “How to defeat that ransomware easily: Download Fiddler, set a breakpoint, manipulate BTC balance”


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