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Microsoft’s new Security Updates Guide

November 9th 2016 in Updating your computer

Microsoft have released a preview of their new single destination for security vulnerability information, the Security Updates Guide. Instead of publishing bulletins to describe related vulnerabilities, the new portal lets you view and search security vulnerability information in a single online database.

I quite like the Software Update Summary.

Microsoft will continue to publish bulletins while also adding information to the new Guide until January 2017. After that, information will only be published to the Guide.

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This morning I have read about four extensions, all of which have now been removed from the Chrome Store and which should have been automatically disabled if installed to Chrome: “Live HTTP Headers”, “Tab Manager”, “Appspector” and “Give Me CRX”.

The common thread is the extensions started injecting code into webpages pointing to “s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/forton/*****.js”.  The goal seems […]

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The Kryptowire article can be seen here: http://www.kryptowire.com/adups_security_analysis.html

Adups response can be found here: http://www.adups.com/article/show_article.php?id=162

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