Patch Tuesday has arrived this month

For those still in a daze from SMB Nation's full days, late evenings, and travel to and from, this may be sneaking up on you, it did me, but Patch Tuesday is upon us so time to get back to work.

I patch all servers via RDP or onsite, starting with our own company's production server and then customer servers after I watch our own and the community for a few days to see how boxes are responding.  Whatever you are using to push patches out to your non-servers, I choose to do those as soon as possible.  I happen to use HyBlue for my monitoring and patching so I have a couple days normally as PatchLink runs their own tests before releasing the packages, but get them out as soon as you can.  I tend to function in a "Patch Week" versus "Patch Tuesday" mode.

Also reminds me that the Microsoft System Center Essentials Public Beta is in full swing now.  Thought it was strange we didn't hear from the SCE (pronounced ski around MSFT) team at SMB Nation.  In my opinion they missed a potential blast into their beta by not being there.

Great seeing so many new and familiar faces at SMB Nation!  See you at SMBTN's conference in March if not before.


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