You broke the notebook from the domain and didn’t backup those offline files?

Got a phone call today from Derek.  He was having a rough day that ended on a happy note.

His boss' Tablet PC had been out of the office earlier this summer when one night we did an emergency rebuild of his domain.  Later he needed a production box for another employee and grabbed that same Tablet and joined it to the domain.  What he hadn't realized until today was that his boss had been working in those offline files for an unknown period of time after the domain had been rebuilt and before the SID was trashed from joining the Tablet to the "new" domain so he could use it for that other employee.  Now he needed those files and neither of us had a clue of how to get them back quickly.  Backups from the day of the domain changeover were a last option since the files on the Tablet had been worked on since then by his boss.

So this evening I sit down to see if I can dig up an answer, and to my surprise, Derek has sent me an email with a link to an awesome KB that I never heard about.  Check out and see what "Features and functions in version 1.1 of the Client-Side Caching Command-Line Options command-line tool" is all about.  Derek reports the laptop is back in business as a result of using this KB, so keep it mind the next time you loose those offline folders and the notebook PC is looking better as a paperweight to you as the minutes tick by and you still don't have those files off of that drive!  🙂


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