For this Christmas, try the remote controlled mouse cursor!

The timing couldn’t have been better by our son as Christmas is approaching and gift lists are being created and considered.

Last week as my wife and I were working on her computer, our son brought a remote control car into the room to show us some cool stunts.  What happened next surprised all of us.

As our son brought the remote near mom’s keyboard and mouse (Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 2.0) the cursor slammed to the side of the screen.  Soon I was being asked to come fix her computer and get her a real mouse with a cord like she used to use, not some high-tech mouse missing it’s tail.  I noticed while testing out the mouse that the cursor control was coming and going as our son was driving the car around the room.  He quickly grabbed onto this cool new trick to overtake mom’s computer from dad and was joyously slamming the mouse from side to side with the car controller, letting out excited hoots and hollers celebrating his new found trick.

So after the holidays when you are online shopping for items to cash in your gift cards on and your mouse starts to convince you that it needs to be the next purchase you make, take a look around the room and see if another member of the family may be playing with your mind as they play with their new remote control toy.

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