When updating to Vista, here’s a time saving tip.

Okay, hopefully you will learn from my mistake.  Thought I would install Windows Vista Ultimate on my HP TC4400 again now that I have RTM bits.  My RC1 upgrade was less than desirable back in September but I have been hearing of great results of running the Windows Easy Transfer Wizard from and then doing a clean build of Vista so I thought why not?  Besides I am presenting on this in Vancouver at the VanSBS User Group so I figured I better get up to speed on it!  😉

Well please learn from my mistake.  I’m not going to cancel the wizard now because it has been hummin’ along here for a few hours now as I have been working on other things at the office, but I noticed that the wizard is ”saving” my “My Documents” folder to the share on the server I have selected for the transfer.  Not a bad thing except that the My Documents folder is already redirected to my company’s SBS Server so I am in essence copying over files that I already have on the server to begin with and wasting time on the Windows Easy Transfer wizard to boot.  So if you are doing a Vista install and you have My Documents redirect enabled you may as well use it and save the bandwidth and time in moving those files unnecessarily.

I’ll be adding more to my Vista with SBS experiences as I progress.  May keep some of it quite until after the Vancouver, BC presentation so I have material for the presentation.  🙂



Here’s an update after watching it all night.  You really do not want to include those offline folders in your WET settings!  You are unable to edit on the other side when loading back into Vista and even worse, the Windows Easy Transfer will attempt to load those files back in over the network to the share location.  I’ve been sitting here watching it attempt to load an archive PST back into a directory in my user share on the SBS box for the last few hours and finally realized what was staring me in the face the whole time.  Now I’ve cancelled it and am waiting to see how long it takes for it to exit.  Fortunately I have a Storage Craft ShadowProtect backup image on another drive that I’ll be able to load and pull what I need off of back over to the Tablet (mainly my music and items that were on the desktop).  The rest of my files were in those offline folders and SharePoint which I synch with Colligo Networks’ product.  So as I was saying earlier, exclude your offline folders from your Windows Easy Transfer Wizard!


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