Blocked in IE7 from connecting to your desktop in Remote Web Workplace?

Virtual PC 2007 is not agreeing with the network adapters on my Vista Ultimate HP tc4400 so I’m on my wife’s HP nc6320 running XP Pro while I’m doing a Swing Migration.  While on here I went to connect to my desktop back at the office and was tossed into a loop in IE7 prompting me about Active X controls when attempting to connect to my computer in Remote Web Workplace.  Had this happen the other day in RWW so guessing others are having similar hassles with it.  Here’s how to fix it.

In IE7 go to Tools, Internet Options, Security (2nd tab), Trusted sites, and add your SBS external domain to your Trusted sites.  Then click on the Custom level… button about 1/3rd up from the bottom of the Security Window and scroll down to “Download unsigned ActiveX controls” and change the radio button from Disable to Prompt.  Click OK and you should be set.  If you would like or need to install the Self-Signed SSL Certificate your SBS box created while you are at it so you don’t have to look at the colorful red across your address bar in IE, check out the SBS Team Blog’s post by Wayne McIntyre to take care of that why you’re at it.


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