PSS at lunch? Not the way to spend a Sunday evening in Seattle.

I’m beginning to feel like Handy Andy and his ATM experience I mentioned earlier today.  After giving up on my own resources I called Microsoft Partner Business Critical Phone Support to get a resolution on a Kerberos error that has brought down AD and Exchange on a Win 2k box.  Was confident I would make it home for a couple hours sleep before catching a ferry back over to Seattle and starting my week, but now I’m getting concerned.  I was on hold from 12:00 AM – 2:00 AM PDT before the first call terminated that had “no one in queue” before me.  Called back in at 2:20 AM PDT (25 minutes ago) and back on hold again with “no others in queue.”  Must be lunch time on the other side of the world.  😉  Good thing I’m at a coffee company tonight.  I’ve had four double shot espressos but now I really just want to get this server fixed and head out of here before I end up in Monday morning commuter traffic, or worse yet, afternoon commuter traffic!  Kevin B, I know it’s closed, but please add this to the 2007 Community Survey for the Windows Server guys to consider.  Hours on hold in the middle of the night are not winning any points in the PR department with me.


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