Can’t open or save an attachment in Outlook 2003?

Client of mine uses the Fax Server in Small Business Server 2003 and has all faxes come into a “fax” user account.  One of the users today was telling me how she was unable to open any of the FAX.TIF attachments anymore and has had other co-workers save them as PDF files and send them to her.  Thanks to Live Search… yes, I launched Live Search, not Google, and actually found the answer, can you believe it?  Miracles never cease!  😉  Before I was side tracked there by that bit of trivia, I was saying that Live Search pointed me over … Continue reading Can’t open or save an attachment in Outlook 2003?

Run update from console session! – MS07-049: Vulnerability in Virtual PC and Virtual Server that could allow privilege elevation

If you prefer to run Microsoft Updates from a TS session, then make sure you run MS07-049 from a console session per the KB 937986 ( Taken from the KB: When the update 937986 is applied on a remote machine by using Terminal Services, the update does not replace the vulnerable files if the /console option is not used. To avoid this issue, you must use the /console option as shown in this example: mstsc /console /v:<machine name>-Steve