SBS Migration’s 2008 IT Pro Conference

Wanted to thank all of you who were at Jeff Middleton’s SBS Migration IT Pro Conference in New Orleans this year.  Sorry to miss those of you who are still at the conference on the cruise right now while I’m here in the great Pacific Northwest enjoying a day of overcast skies and rain.  Too many items on the calendar this year to make it, but Linda and I will be on the cruise portion again next year if it is offered as part of the event.  Hope you are having an incredible time right now!

Was great to see familiar faces and meet new ones; both from the attendees and the sponsors.  Thank you all for an incredible four days of learning and interaction.  What I see most valuable about the IT Pro Conference is how it challenges each person there to question their practices, both technical and business, and to ask themselves how to better their work to improve upon what they already are doing, while giving them tools and ideas to work with to do just that.

I saw vendors introduced to each other by their common resellers who then in turn worked together to think of how they could blend their offerings to better serve the consultants and their clients.  The conversation was not driven by numbers or dollar figures, but rather, it was driven by a thought process of how each party involved could help the end user, the end user’s business, the consultant and their business, and the other vendor, knowing that the monetary numbers would naturally follow once they took care of the needs of each other first.  It is a foundation of business and of life, but not one you normally encounter at a technical conference.  This conversation was over dinner Saturday night.  The idea of looking at the individual and business needs of others, both your clients and your vendors, including professional services you use in your own company, was covered in the opening session Friday morning, and it carried through the entire event both inside the walls and timeline of the sessions and outside into the hotel lobby and restaurants of New Orleans, as small groups would gather and talk for hours on how to better serve the entire SMB Community as a whole.

So for the 2nd year in a row, thank you Jeff and Suzanne for allowing me to be part of an incredible conference.  Thank you Jeff and Suzanne for doing so much for so many through your work.  Your core values of caring and giving to others, of considering others’ personal and business needs first, and then working to help solve those needs as a way to create your own businesses, shows through in this event brighter than any other part of the event to me.  You are an incredible example to follow.  Both in your personal and your business life.

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  1. Update on the cruise portion of the SBS Migration IT Pro Conference:

    Received an IM this morning from Marina (one of the Magical M&M’s) that they were docking in Cozumel as of 6:51 AM PDT. The group had their first session aboard the cruise yesterday afternoon. Very cool!

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