Hey Dave and Yuri, it’s EBS, not WEBS. ;-)

Looks like the Essential Business Server folks need to let the Forefront Team Blog crew know the correct acronym for the product they are bundling TMG in.  [:)]

For a look at the Blog post Yuri Diogenes put together on it along with screen shots and another reference to “WEBS” check out Yuri’s Blog.

3 thoughts on “Hey Dave and Yuri, it’s EBS, not WEBS. ;-)

  1. I agree Josh, it’s very cool. I’m at one of the Microsoft EBS Technology Adoption Program (TAP) customer sites deploying it right now (waiting for the Security Server Installation to complete so we can move on to the Messaging Server). This will be site number two for us in production and I like how it is going over all.

    Some history on the WEBS versus EBS comment may help clarify why I thought the Forefront post was entertaining. When I called it WEBS after they gave me the full name for it I was told abruptly by the Centro team that it was not WEBS, but EBS. They seemed rather adamant to ensure the acronym was not altered. So I thought it humorous when I saw the Forefront blog post referring to it as WEBS. 🙂

  2. LOL that was funny….anyway, it will be complicated for them to avoid people to say WBES since it is in the Web Site 🙂

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