Where did my old friend the SBS Console go in SBS 2008 (and EBS 2008)?

I requested of both the SBS and EBS development teams for them to add back into their respective Start Menus their Server Administrative Consoles. They are on the desktop of SBS 2008 (and EBS 2008 Management Server) but not in the menu.  Instead there is the standard Windows Server 2008 Server Management link.  Below was the response from the EBS team and it makes sense for both products after reading the associated blog post.


We’ll take a closer look at this in V2. Note, however, that this is not quite as trivial as it seems. There is no programmatic access to the start menu list. See http://blogs.gotdotnet.com/oldnewthing/archive/2003/09/03/54760.aspx for a great explanation (basically that apps were abusing the option to pin themselves there without you asking at install).  Looks like for now we’ll have to pin the SBS and EBS Consoles there ourselves.

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