Error 0x80070057 returned from call to Adding routers IP address to the intranet zone().

Added note: In the heat of frustration the evening I first posted this I neglected to mention the initial issue was CEICW failing EVERY time I would run it on the initial installation of the HP ML370.  I even did a repair install since I had a Eula.txt error I told it to ignore during setup.  When if failed after that repair installation I started digging for answers and came across the issue below:

HP, I really like your products, but this time you’ve blown it.  Why in the world are you removing the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\ZoneMap\Domains registry key in SmartStart?  Doesn’t make it so smart!  🙁  Here I was rolling on the install of SBS 2003 onto an ML 370 G5 and you have blown the evening for me and cost me a couple hours of troubleshooting and taken away time I could be home with my family on a Friday evening.  Not good guys and gals.

Tonight is one of those nights when I am so thankful for the awesome community we have out there around Small Business Server.  All of you who participate in the SBS newsgroups and forums rock!  Have I told you that lately?

Thank you to Mariette Knap for your work and passion.  Smallbizserver is a tremendous part of the SBS Community and I thank you for all you and Marina do.

Thank you Cory for your contribution in the Microsoft Public Newsgroups (and thank you Google for putting them out there and doing such an awesome job of indexing and allowing us to search them).

Thank you Microsoft for KB259493.  Although you still are missing the boat.  Without Cory and Mariette around, we’d have to be thinking outside the box a bit as they were to get the solution.  If you update the KB or do one similar to KB875421 then you’ll be back on track.  If I’ve missed it (hard to though, I did Google for the error and didn’t find it) you can comment with the KB number and I’ll be happy to stand corrected.

Thank you to all whose posts I’m sure I’ve missed with the answer to this solution.  You are all Rock Stars in my book.  Greg Starks, please get on the Proliant team and get them away from playing Guitar Hero and back to work on cleaning up that SmartStart hassle, or at least modify those rock stickers you showed us at WPC on the side of the servers telling us you are going to mess with our boxes like that!  😉

And if any of you get the error Error 0x80070057 returned from call to Adding routers IP address to the intranet zone(). and didn’t check out the links above, add the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\ZoneMap\Domains back in that HP pulled out and you’ll be on track to make it home before the family goes to bed.

One thought on “Error 0x80070057 returned from call to Adding routers IP address to the intranet zone().

  1. Ok.. whew.. just topped my high score on “Paint it Black’ 😉 So Steve, send me some more details on what you saw. Was this actually from installing the PSP? Email me the specifics and I’ll pass it on to the dev team. That is if i can pull them away from the XBox! Rock on, Dude!

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