Sprint, get your act together and allow OpenDNS to work with your EVDO devices!

If you haven’t heard of or tried OpenDNS yet then you need to check it out.  They have a great solution and for those of us who were leery of the recent DNS patch that helps secure your networks while also providing some filtering which has become a larger request lately with the advent of social networking and torrent usage on the rise.  And for those of us who are mobile most of the time, OpenDNS is a great solution for your notebook, Tablet PC, or Pocket PC.  That is, if you are not on Sprint Wireless Broadband.

I am extremely happy with the embedded HP ev2210 1xEVDO-A Sprint Broadband card in my HP 2710p, but very unhappy to hear that Sprint is running a transparent proxy and not allowing us to use alternative DNS servers.

I dumped our company’s Nextels after being a customer for seven years with them after Sprint killed the customer service I had raved about for years as a Nextel business customer.  Went over to AT&T for a couple 8525’s (and now a Tilt) with data plans, all because Sprint telephone support agents were not supporting the customer (too long of story to bore you with).  Now I’m finding that the broadband card I can’t live without is proxying my connection and not allowing me to use OpenDNS and that people have been asking Sprint to change their policy and they are refusing.  Please at least give us an explanation as to why Sprint.  If it is a security or control feature you have in place, fine, tell us.  Otherwise turn this on or give the customer the option of turning OpenDNS on.  Better yet, make it a marketing campaign for safety and security on the Internet with your Sprint Wireless device.  Turn this into a positive for you, OpenDNS, and your shrinking client base.  Maybe it will turn heads and increase subscriptions for you!  Then the guys over at BoyGenius might cut you some slack and praise you instead of tearing into you. 😉

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