IISReset /noforce

Pearl of wisdom from Mark Stanfill:

On Exchange Servers, always run IISReset with the /noforce switch (“IISreset /noforce”) to ensure it doesn’t force any services off.  Check out this TechNet article for additional info.

Thanks Mark!

3 thoughts on “IISReset /noforce

  1. Yes, you have a point there Dave. 🙂
    I’ve had similar experience with it working sometimes and failing other times. When it fails I’m quick to jump over to the iisreset without the noforce switch. Not sure if that defeats the purpose but it gets the job done.


  2. When ‘iisreset /noforce’ fails, I just hit the up arrow and repeat several times. It usually works on the 2nd or 3rd time (for me, anyway).

    If that fails, *then* do a ‘iisreset’ on its own.

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