Microsoft’s Digital Locker is going away

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If you have used Microsoft’s Digital Locker for anything (like Vista Anytime Upgrades) you better head on over to the locker room and get your things because this school is a closin’ (they must have took a page from the Seattle Public Schools’ administrative handbook this week).

From: Microsoft []
Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2008 3:54 PM
To: Steven Banks
Subject: ACT NOW: Closing your digital locker account

Your Digital Locker Account Will Be Closed in August, 2009.

 Dear Digital Locker Customer,

This is to notify you that on November 20, 2008 Windows® Marketplace  transitioned from an e-commerce site to a reference site. On Windows Marketplace you will find links to sites such as Microsoft Store, Windows Vista® Compatibility Center, and other destinations with compatible software, hardware and devices that support Microsoft platformsAs part of this transition, the digital locker service affiliated with Windows Marketplace will be closed in August, 2009.

If you made a purchase on Windows Marketplace, you acquired a digital locker account  in order to purchase, download and install products from Windows Marketplace.  You may be using your digital locker account to store and maintain information about software you purchased, including license information to enable you to reinstall your software or get assistance from the software reseller. 

The digital locker service will continue to be available until August, 2009. During this time, you should back up the contents of your digital locker account before they are permanently deleted:

1.       To maintain your software records, go to your digital locker account  and print a copy of the software information located there.

2.       To backup your software to a CD so that you always have a copy, follow the CD back-up instructions in the “What happens to digital locker?” Section in the Windows Marketplace FAQ.

More information is available at Windows Marketplace FAQ


The Windows Marketplace Team

 Microsoft respects your privacy.  Please read our online Privacy Statement.

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10 thoughts on “Microsoft’s Digital Locker is going away

  1. Yea, well i just bought an upgrade to windows vista ultimate about a month ago. I chose to use marketplace even tho i payed A LOT MORE for the upgrade (cost me about $250 from premium to ultimate) because of Micosofts ‘You wont ever loose it, you can log in here antyime and get it’ marketing bs – if i knew this were going to happen, i would have purchased from a store for much less – so what are they doing about refunds? How can you even contact them about that?

  2. They’re telling us to backup the purchased software, except Anytime Upgrade cannot be downloaded/backed up… Nice.

  3. This is crazy, the only reason i bought from their site was the take any where feature. Great job, bought a new laptop and all of my over priced software is lost. sould have bought it from a store.

  4. Use a product like Majic Jellybean and copy your Product Key (cd key) and hopefully when and if you need to reinstall it will work. the good thing with Vista DVDs is that they include all versions if it doesnt work just choose your version of vista and then call ms to activate it.

  5. Are you kidding me?

    Does Microsoft ever consider the decisions they make or the impact it might have on the consumer?

    I personally used this product called the Digital Locker several years back 2005-2006 with other bitching about VISTA i stayed a supporter. I purchased several products in that time frame and can imagine other purchasing hundreds and even thousands of dollars and storing them on this website as advertised, store your info and you will never have to worry about finding your software or license key again.

    Well I guess Microsoft is right about one thing, store it with them and after they delete from their web site you will never have to worry about getting any of that information or the products again. end of story.

    Thanks again Microsoft, I am a true believer now.

  6. To Microswift: you are tin-livered. needed to keep all of your billions so gates can live in swatzikerland, more than you needed to keep your word here to us.

    You swift guys also hunted down software developers and if they wouldnt accept your offer to buy them out, then you sued them over and over in court until you bankrupted their company with the legal fees. And then their software was ‘liberated’ out of their cold dead company fingers. software nazis.

    you threatened the computer manufacturers to not sell your competitors operating systems. operating system nazis.

    stay in switzerland and dont come back here. nothing was sacred to you. nothing is sacred to you. dont come home. we were your people but we dont want your kind here.

    stay there where only money matters, like it was when hitlers nazis used your new country, switzerland, for their bank to. you all deserve one another. stay close together there, so THE Lord doesnt have to harm more geography to Judge you all, together.

    when the west coast falls off into the ocean, all of your redmond washington may be Judged and go with it.

  7. After an hour and a half in an infinite loop with Microsoft and Digital River, I’m ready to kill. I upgraded to Vista Ultimate and bought a full version of Office after I bought my computer 3 years ago. These idiots don’t have any history of those purchases, but they sure have a lot of phone numbers to root you through one after another of their representatives (read: low-paid lackeys). I loathe Bill Gates and Microsoft even more. Yes, I should have dutifully written down everything. I tried getting stuff from Digital Locker before it imploded, but couldn’t. My laptop died and now i cannot get the goddamned keys from Microshaft.

  8. Hi K Stein,

    I’m seeing if I have any contacts over at Microsoft who can help. Email me at steve AT with your contact info and we’ll go from there.


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