Looking for the requirements to order and a Microsoft Action Pack subscription? Eric has the answers for you.

Over the years I’ve seen Microsoft Action Pack subscriptions show up in what I would consider to be fringe qualifiers of the Action Pack’s target audience.  Usually by way of a well-meaning acquaintance who tells the business owner or someone on staff that they should get a MAPS subscription since they do a lot with Microsoft and it is a great way to get a lot of software cheap, and even though they don’t do IT work or a Microsoft reseller in particular, what they do as “x” is close enough and they should order it.

So for those on the fringe, or those looking to clarify who really does qualify, and for Microsoft Registered Members or information technology providers who are thinking of partnering with Microsoft, check out Eric Ligman’s post on MAPS and get the accurate information from the guru (okay, Global Partner Experience Lead is his official title) of licensing and the Microsoft Partners Program himself.

Also check out KB 312310 and the Microsoft Partner Website’s information page for info on the Action Pack as well.

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