Caching in on your SBS 2003 Software Assurance benefits to get SBS 2008

Eric LigmanLast Thursday at our monthly Puget Sound Small Business Server User Group ( we had the question come up from one of our members who is trying to figure out where his SA benefits are in the Software Assurance world of eOpen.  He was only sent part of the full suite of updated software he was expecting from Microsoft.  For the definitive answer we went to Eric Ligman (of course, who else do we turn to for all that is licensing and Microsoft).  He in turn led us over to his blog for the answer.  Check out the two blog posts listed below for the steps involved if you are have SBS 2003 SA benefits and want to get your SBS 2008 bits.

How do we get the SBS Software Assurance benefits such as: Outlook 2007, Entourage 2008, ISA 2006 + additional Windows Server 2003, and Office SharePoint Designer 2007 now that SBS 2008 is out?

Part numbers for the SBS SA benefits media kits you need from my earlier post

Thanks Eric!

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