Have a Calyptix and Microsoft Updates are failing?

Setting up a new Windows 2008 x64 Server and loading updates on a customer’s Vista notebook.  Having updates fail on the server with an 802002b error stating “Windows Update encountered an unknown error” on the 2008 box.  I have also been having an IE 7 update failing consistently on our SBS 2003 box.  Decided to try turning off the Web monitoring/filtering our office’s Calyptix AE1000.  All updates completed without any trouble.  I like the Calyptix, but if you are running into similar errors, either on Calyptix, or other firewalls for that matter, try turning off the monitoring / outbound filtering.

4 thoughts on “Have a Calyptix and Microsoft Updates are failing?

  1. Steve,

    We’re looking into the issue. We’ve also had reports of some other products that use automatic updates via the web have had issues; we suspect they’re tickling the HTTP protocol in a particular way that we just need to make sure is being handled correctly.

    As a workaround, the server names can be added to the list of Web Filter Exemptions.

  2. Any updates on this issue? I’ve whitelisted what I think is everything possible, but I still have this same issue

  3. Hi Jon,

    Our office has not had any problems since running on the following build: Calyptix AE1000 Version 2.00 Build 20090417-34.

    Our QuickBooks and Microsoft Updates are all functional at this time. Check your build and let your reseller and/or Calyptix Support know if you are at a lower build so they can get you updated. Please post another comment here after you get with Calyptix with whether or not that solves it and I’ll ensure it gets posted.


  4. Great job by the Calyptix team on getting this one handled! – Steve 🙂

    From: Calyptix Support
    Sent: Thursday, October 15, 2009 7:04 PM
    To: Steven Banks
    Subject: RE: Windows updates and QuickBooks still failing


    Thank you for informing us about this. We have worked with Jon W (the commenter) where we provided him with the latest web filter on his AE. He has confirmed earlier today that Microsoft updates is working correctly.


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