EBS Prep and Planning Tools REALLY need a bypass switch for Greenfield deployments.

With all due respect to the Essential Business Server team and the awesome job they have done with EBS, I would really like a bypass switch on the Planning and Preparation Wizard for fresh installs.  Thank you Nicholas for your Blog post on how to get “around” it by running it on your laptop/Tablet PC, but at least the information we key in there could be used to populate the fields in the MGT configuration after it requests it.  🙂

Microsoft CSS earned their award!

You all deserved the award!  We were honored to present it to you! Check out the Official SBS Blog for a picture of the Outstanding Community Supporter Award the SBS MVPs presented to them on behalf of the Small Business Server community.  They earned it for the great work they have done over the past year, and past years!  🙂