HTC Fuze ROM Update- Version 5.11.502.2 WWE

Stumbled across this today on the HTC site.  Downloading mine now.  Looks like they have been listening to the “suggestions” out there from us Fuze users!  Reassignable PTT button, quicker GPS startup, Music Player album art/info (although my 120GB Zune is now where I put all my music these days), better TouchFlo3D.  Can’t wait to try it out!  Thanks HTC and AT&T!

Download the HTC Fuze ROM Update- Version 5.11.502.2 WWE

Release Date: 2009-05-28     Category: ROM Upgrade
Why Update: This ROM update is intended for the HTC Fuze for AT&T only and users should not load or attempt to load this version on any other device as it may cause serious issues/damage.

What’s included:

Microsoft’s Windows Mobile Adaptation Kit Update (AKU) 1.4.6
Slide to Answer
Push To Talk Button is now re-assignable
FM Radio Application
Enhanced MS Voice Command
Call waiting indicator is now audible when using Speakerphone
HTC Music player supports Album art/info
Improved TouchFlo3D (TF3D) and User Interface performance
A-GPS Update: Speeds up the time it takes the GPS to get a fix on your location
  • Quick GPS is still recommended for the optimal operation of GPS based applications and services

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