Need to tame TMG in EBS 2008? Here’s your ticket!

After having a few weeks of close and personal time with TMG at one of our EBS sites, I had a chance to deploy and use this at another and it is awesome. If you run into a blocking issue that you need to deal with ASAP, you can drop down the overall level of TMG with the click of a button and alleviate your pain while you work on a new rule to drop into TMG to fix the original challenge. Or drop down the firewalling in TMG altogether and allow yourself the option of using a hardware firewall.

SBS/EBS 2008 Remote Web Workplace not working for you?

Having trouble getting to your SBS or EBS 2008 Remote Web Workplace (RWW) from your remote computer? Check to make sure you have the certificate package installed on your client computer. SBS Links to learn more: EBS Links to learn more at:

No, it’s not an iPhone, it’s a wPhone. ;-)

That’s “w” for WIndows… and Wi-Fi! Many thanks to Chris Rue for turning me onto this Engadget post with the awesome news that as of 9/14/09 AT&T is going to give Windows Mobile users unlimited access to AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots nationwide. And with WM 6.5 coming out in October, I feel a Fuze buring a hole in its EB Case, making way for a newer and cooler WM6.5 toy productivity tool.