SBS/EBS 2008 Remote Web Workplace not working for you?

Having trouble getting to your SBS or EBS 2008 Remote Web Workplace (RWW) from your remote computer? Check to make sure you have the certificate package installed on your client computer.

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One thought on “SBS/EBS 2008 Remote Web Workplace not working for you?

  1. Mark Stanfill had a comment on this once he saw it, and I agree, you really need to use a commercial SSL certificate (GoDaddy, Thawte, or Verisign for example) so you don’t have to mess with the certificate package. Below is Mark’s comment. – Steve

    “Oh, gawd, please, no. Don’t be a cheapskate. You will end up supporting every user’s home PC, laptop, and Windows Embedded sewing machine. Big boys (ok, medium-biz-sized boys) should factor in the price of a real commercial cert with the price of the deployment :)”

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