Need to tame TMG in EBS 2008? Here’s your ticket!

After having a few weeks of close and personal time with TMG at one of our EBS sites, I had a chance to deploy and use this at another and it is awesome. If you run into a blocking issue that you need to deal with ASAP, you can drop down the overall level of TMG with the click of a button and alleviate your pain while you work on a new rule to drop into TMG to fix the original challenge. Or drop down the firewalling in TMG altogether and allow yourself the option of using a hardware firewall.

One thought on “Need to tame TMG in EBS 2008? Here’s your ticket!

  1. The slider is only useful if you allow all users access to the internet. For group-level access control, this isn’t as convenient and doesn’t function as expected. Also, dropping the firewalling down to minimum for hardware firewall control isn’t ideal either because you don’t have granular control of user / group access (hardware firewall only sees one user, the TMG server…)

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