Mark’s Rules for Successful Replacement Mode – MR4SRM. RM = replacment mode

Second in the Mark Stanfill EBS 2008 tweet series (check out his TMG series here), we have Mark’s latest on Rules for Successful Replacement Mode. As before, I’ll be updating this post with new tweets as Mark sends them out. Be sure to check back for updates.

#EBS08 New Series – Mark’s Rules for Successful Replacement Mode – MR4SRM. RM = replacment mode.

#EBS08 MR4SRM Rule #1 – Make a complete server backup first. No exceptions.

#EBS08 MR4SRM Export config to XML using Pay special attention to all IP addresses . Make sure they’re corrrect.

#EBS08 MR4SRM You need 2 functional EBS servers for Replacement Mode. If not, restore one server from backup.

#EBS08 MR4SRM Always back up CALs on Mgmt server before RM.

#EBS08 MR4SRM Mgmt server needs CALs reinstalled or restore post RM.

#EBS08 MR4SRM Mgmt Server RM will pull down all WSUS data again – many GB. Export & import – Backup data drive

#EBS08 MR4SRM All servers are going to need patching. Expect many reboots, considerable time.

#EBS08 MR4SRM Security & Msg can pull updates from WSUS rather than MU. Deselect optional updates during RM. Critical updates come from MU

#EBS08 MR4SRM Make sure AD is healthy before RM. Always run IT Health Scanner first –

#EBS08 MR4SRM Never, ever delete computer accounts or run metadata cleanup before RM.

#EBS08 MR4SRM All DCs need to be online and contactable before RM.

#EBS08 MR4SRM Make sure IIS is healthy, started, listening on port 808 for /remoting directory on all servers before RM.

#EBS08 MR4SRM Run “dnscmd /config /enableglobalqueryblocklist 0” for wpad autodiscovery –

#EBS08 MR4SRM Management Server restore – repair all SCE clients underAdministration node.

#EBS08 MR4SRM RM on Messaging obviously does not restore mailboxes & PFs. Make backups first – online, offline, PSTs. Belt and suspenders.

#EBS08 MR4SRM To get Security Server to report back to SCE after RM – “net stop fweng /y”, repair SCE client, restart services

#EBS08 MR4SRM Remove UM (if present) from Exchange before RM of Messaging Server to avoid setup failure.

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