Critical Update Available for ShadowProtect 3.x Customers

Recevied the following email today and wanted to help get the word out. Get your StorageCraft ShadowProtect updated as soon as you can so you don’t get burned by this!

Critical Update Available for ShadowProtect 3.x Customers

Valued Partners:


StorageCraft would like to announce the availability of ShadowProtect 3.5.1 for download now. This software patch fixes a rare issue found in ShadowProtect 3.x which affects some incremental backup images, but not full backup image files. This issue causes some incremental image files not to include all of the file system changes made since the last backup image. Any affected file will show chkdsk errors when mounted. This rare issue occurs on some systems running Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 – but is not limited to these systems.


If you are running ShadowProtect 3.x, StorageCraft recommends that you download ShadowProtect 3.5.1, run the patch, reboot your system and begin a new backup image set – starting with a new full image of your system. To download this ShadowProtect update, please select:


ShadowProtect Server Edition:


ShadowProtect Small Business Server Edition:


ShadowProtect Desktop Edition:


The ShadowProtect 3.5.1 update does not affect your current ShadowProtect 3.5 recovery CD. Therefore, a new .iso download is not necessary.


If you have additional questions regarding this update, please visit the StorageCraft Support Center:


For more information about this update, please refer to the ShadowProtect 3.5.1 readme file.




The StorageCraft Team


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