ACT! 2010, OpenDNS, & peer-to-peer networks don’t mix.

OpenDNS is an incredble service, and I highly recommend using it. Word of caution though. If you are sharing an ACT! 2010 database across a peer-to-peer network, the computer names will attempt to resolve to the OpenDNS servers (on the Net) and your other ACT! clients on the network will be unable to attach to the database. A workaround is to use IP addresses, but it’s simpler to remove the OpenDNS server settings and use the default DNS for your upstream ISP.

Otherwise, you’ll be looking at the likes of this:

Error: “The database <Database name> could not be accessed. In order to access this database, check your network connection and verify that your database server is available. It may be necessary to disable any firewall software…

One thought on “ACT! 2010, OpenDNS, & peer-to-peer networks don’t mix.

  1. Things like this and as you mentioned Response Point desegnid for SMB-market make it very hard on partners to support new product offerings from Microsoft which in turn makes it very difficult for those products to succeed.  Microsoft has historically been an enterprise company and does not understand the SMB Space as an organization.  There are definitely some teams in Microsoft that really get the space but it seems lately they are not given enough time to be successful before getting the rug yanked out from underneath them.  With Response Point (and it seems EBS) the V2 releases would have provided much need functionality that would have made the products much more successful in the market.  Seems like a senseless waste of effort, money, talent and partner goodwill.

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