Looking for those Outlook file locations?

Trying to find the signature file location, where the nk2 file is located, or other Outlook settings so you can take them with you over to your new Windows 7 PC? Check out Microsoft’s KB 287070 for great info on PST files, and the best part, where the nk2 and signature files are located. Copied that info below for you too. How to back up Outlook settings files If you have customized settings, such as toolbar settings and Favorites, that you want to replicate on another computer or restore to your computer, you might want to include the following files in … Continue reading Looking for those Outlook file locations?

Configuring Exmerge for SBS 2003

Looking for a quick tutorial on configuring Exmerge for your SBS 2003 / Exchange 2003 Server? Look no further. Start with Microsoft KB 292509 for the official word. Create a new Security Group. I personally use “Exmerge Security Group” so there is no mistaking what it is.