Actiontec PK5000 inbound VPN and RDP/TS fail

If your inbound PPTP VPN and Remote Desktop / Terminal Services are failing recently, if you are a Qwest/CenturyLink DSL customer, check the firmware version of your device.

Model Number: PK5000
Firmware Version: QAP002-

According to the conversation I had with CenturyLink support this evening, a recent firmware update (the version listed above) is breaking PPTP VPN, and in my case, also our inbound TS sessions. CenturyLink is currently working with Actiontec to resolve. The workaround in the interim is to replace the Actiontec with a different model, a Zyxel model using the PK5000z model number.

If you are having trouble, check your DSL modem firmware and then contact CenturyLink support.

5 thoughts on “Actiontec PK5000 inbound VPN and RDP/TS fail

  1. Hey, I just wanted to let you know… I have the PK5000Z. Started with the PK5000, Service startup 07/27/2011. I’ve had 8 Techs out… I am going on my 3rd modem… We Re-wired from the phone jack, to the external boxes outside onto the pole as well all new connections. My services goes down every few hours. I call Tech support sometimes Twice a day. This is awful!

  2. Thanks so much for this post – after reading it I realized I should’ve contacted CenturyLink first! Same problems here with inbound PPTP VPN – their techs acknowledged the problem with the Actiontec PK5000’s newest firmware and are doing a modem swap as you experienced.

    Quote from tech support:
    “We have identified an issue with the current firmware and certain VPN protocols. Unfortunately I have no way of downgrading the firmware, so the only fix we have is to replace the modem with a Zyxel PK5000Z modem.”


  3. I use an IPSec VPN which hung using a PK5000Z, CenturyLink just swapped it for a PK5000 and it still hangs.

    They claim to support IPSec passthrough, but I’m not convinced.

  4. A follow up…  despite CenturyLink tech support’s direction that “they usually set it to ‘Both'”, I changed the wireless authentication type from “Both” to “Open” and this appears to have resolved my problem.

  5. I’m having this issue with the zyxel pk5000z modem trying to make a pptp connection. Funny thing, it actually worked one day. Just one.

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