EBS Migration SKUs

Are you a Volume License customer, looking to migrate out of EBS per Microsoft’s offer? Here are the part numbers you’ll need to order the new media. Microsoft says to order from your original reseller. If you have EBS Premium, your SQL media will already work, so they have not included that SKU. Windows Server Standard 2008  P73-03830 Windows Server Standard 2008R  P73-04819 Exchange Standard 2007   312-03748 System Center Essentials 2007  UCH-01603 System Center Essentials 2010  UCH-02057

How do you move out of EBS now that it is retired?

Details on how to move out of Essential Business Server are now live at http://www.microsoft.com/ebs/en/us/default.aspx. Well, really it is here at http://www.microsoft.com/ebs/en/us/offers.aspx. You have until December 31, 2010 to do the change over if you are going to.

How to create (or recreate) an Edge Subscription in Exchange 2007

The following directions are for EBS 2008, but will work for any 2-server Exchange 2007 deployment: Security (Edge) Server1. From Exchange Management Shell, enter the following command:a. New-EdgeSubscription -FileName “c:\windows\temp\EdgeSubscriptionInfo.xml”2. Copy “c:\windows\temp\EdgeSubscriptoinInfo.xml” to the Messaging server Messaging Server1. Open the Exchange Management Console. a. Expand Organization Configurationb. Select Hub Transportc. In the result pane, click the Edge Subscriptions tab.2. In the action pane, click New Edge Subscription. The New Edge Subscription Wizard starts.3. On the New Edge Subscription page, in the Active Directory Site: drop-down list, select an Active Directory site.4. On the New Edge Subscription page, click Browse. Locate the Edge Subscription file to import. Select the file, and … Continue reading How to create (or recreate) an Edge Subscription in Exchange 2007

BPOS Sync Tool does not migrate passwords

Had this question come up today, so thought I’d drop a quick post on it. The Directory Synchronization tool used with Microsoft’s Online Services does a one-way sync from your Active Directory up to the BPOS servers, and does not migrate passwords. You have to do those manually, and if you change a password in your local AD, it must be updated manually on the BPOS side. See the Microsoft Online Services “About Directory Synchronization” page for the official wording on it.

"Failed to create Edge Subscription" error in your SBS to EBS migration?

Great blog post by Steve Knutson on his “Failed to create Edge Subscription” error in his Essential Business Server 2008 migration from Small Business Server 2003. We’ve seen this error in EBS installed into virtualized environments, but the timing issue with SBS and EBS was a new twist on the same error. Thanks for the screen shot and the log content too!

Mark’s Rules for Successful Replacement Mode – MR4SRM. RM = replacment mode

Second in the Mark Stanfill EBS 2008 tweet series (check out his TMG series here), we have Mark’s latest on Rules for Successful Replacement Mode. As before, I’ll be updating this post with new tweets as Mark sends them out. Be sure to check back for updates. #EBS08 New Series – Mark’s Rules for Successful Replacement Mode – MR4SRM. RM = replacment mode. #EBS08 MR4SRM Rule #1 – Make a complete server backup first. No exceptions. #EBS08 MR4SRM Export config to XML using http://bit.ly/2jlxkE. Pay special attention to all IP addresses . Make sure they’re corrrect. #EBS08 MR4SRM You need 2 functional … Continue reading Mark’s Rules for Successful Replacement Mode – MR4SRM. RM = replacment mode

Mark’s rules for TMG Firewall client (MRFTFC)

Mark Stanfill has started a great series, via his Twitter account, covering EBS rules for TMG. So good that I thought it a great idea to include them here. I’ll add to this post as he adds additional rules. Following are the first sets, plus a bonus precursor: #EBS08 New series: Mark’s rules for TMG Firewall client (MRFTFC) #EBS08 Never use ‘route add’ on TMG. Use the TMG getting started wizard instead. Look for startup scripts that do route adds,exclude admin #EBS08 MRFTFC #1 – You probably don’t need th FWC. 99% of apps can get by with SNAT and … Continue reading Mark’s rules for TMG Firewall client (MRFTFC)

Need to tame TMG in EBS 2008? Here’s your ticket!

After having a few weeks of close and personal time with TMG at one of our EBS sites, I had a chance to deploy and use this at another and it is awesome. If you run into a blocking issue that you need to deal with ASAP, you can drop down the overall level of TMG with the click of a button and alleviate your pain while you work on a new rule to drop into TMG to fix the original challenge. Or drop down the firewalling in TMG altogether and allow yourself the option of using a hardware firewall.

SBS/EBS 2008 Remote Web Workplace not working for you?

Having trouble getting to your SBS or EBS 2008 Remote Web Workplace (RWW) from your remote computer? Check to make sure you have the certificate package installed on your client computer. SBS Links to learn more: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd353115(WS.10).aspxhttp://blogs.technet.com/sbs/archive/2008/09/30/how-do-i-distribute-the-sbs-2008-self-signed-ssl-certificate-to-my-users.aspxhttp://blogs.technet.com/sbs/archive/2008/10/03/receiving-certificate-errors-when-connecting-to-clients-servers-with-ts-gateway-or-remote-web-workplace-on-sbs-2008.aspx EBS Links to learn more at: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc463553(WS.10).aspxhttp://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc463480(WS.10).aspx