Need to pull data from your Exchange 2007 – 2013 logs?

Here’s how using PowerShell in the Exchange Management Shell: get-messagetrackinglog -EventID “RECEIVE” -Start “10/22/2013 10:30:00 AM” -End “10/22/2013 4:00:00 PM” -ResultSize Unlimited |fl >c:\trackinglog.txt By the way, the “-ResultSize Unlimited” will get you the full results to your text file and not truncate it.

Windows PowerShell Community Review

Received this request earlier today, so getting the word out! The Windows PowerShell Community Review process is looking for volunteers for our third documentation review cycle – especially beginners and intermediate PowerShell users and people with little or no programming background. Volunteers can contact June at or Marco ( ). Windows PowerShell Community Review   Have you ever read Help that wasn’t really helpful? Here’s your chance to fix it.   The Windows PowerShell documentation team and jointly sponsor the Windows PowerShell Community Doc Review. As a member, you’ll get to read and comment on the Help docs … Continue reading Windows PowerShell Community Review