Looking for Server 2003 and XP files you can remove / delete from the C drive?

If you have aging Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 machines that have filled up their C: drives, here’s a Microsoft KB with documented safe files you can remove: KB 956324 – How to reclaim disk space on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003-based computers. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/956324 To cut to the chase on which Windows Update files you can delete (there are other directions in the KB as well, but these are what most server admins will be looking for) are below (taken from the KB as of 9/4/2012): Delete Windows update files Warning If you delete the folder for each update, … Continue reading Looking for Server 2003 and XP files you can remove / delete from the C drive?

Run update from console session! – MS07-049: Vulnerability in Virtual PC and Virtual Server that could allow privilege elevation

If you prefer to run Microsoft Updates from a TS session, then make sure you run MS07-049 from a console session per the KB 937986 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/937986). Taken from the KB: When the update 937986 is applied on a remote machine by using Terminal Services, the update does not replace the vulnerable files if the /console option is not used. To avoid this issue, you must use the /console option as shown in this example: mstsc /console /v:<machine name>-Steve

Lost TS/RDP after running updates?

After experiencing Terminal Services intermittently hanging after applying Microsoft Updates I’ve come across one way that gets the server back up and responsive most of the time and a backup plan for when it still doesn’t. First, to cover yourself, it is a good idea to run a system state backup at minimum of the server before applying updates in case you need to get yourself out of a challenge resulting from the update.  Then what I’ve started doing (wasn’t an original idea, got it from others in the community) is creating a restart.bat file that consists of shutdown -r … Continue reading Lost TS/RDP after running updates?

Microsoft releases the Malware Removal Starter Kit

This is from an email I received this week from Mark Clagett over at Microsoft.  Running into an issue today where I sent it to an end user so figured I would post it here as well.  Thanks Mark for sending out the notice! – Steve ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I thought you’d be interested in this new Solution Accelerator from Microsoft – it’s called the Malware Removal Starter Kit.  It’s a free download from TechNet, and provides you with excellent guidance and tools to help you restore PCs infected with malware.  Here’s a quick overview of what the kit can do for your organization.  … Continue reading Microsoft releases the Malware Removal Starter Kit

DNS not resolving for a particular domain on your SBS box?

Had this request from another consultant this week so thought I would pass along the issue and the KB article for anyone who may happen to stumble across this in their favorite search engine. "I have a client running SBS 2003 and all of a sudden they can't get to the Customer Login Page of Postini. They can go anywhere else. All workstations point to the server for their DNS but if I add an ISP dns as a second they can get to the site just fine. I have rebooted the server and the other standard things to flush dns to no … Continue reading DNS not resolving for a particular domain on your SBS box?