Exchange Hanging on your SBS or EBS 2008?

If you are running VSS snapshot backups of Exchange 2007, thank the folks over at StorageCraft and Microsoft for working together to come up with a fix.  I’d recommend you get it installed sooner than later if you have had your Exchange Server hanging on you and you backup with StorageCraft ShadowProtect, Microsoft DPM, or other VSS based backups.

EBS Prep and Planning Tools REALLY need a bypass switch for Greenfield deployments.

With all due respect to the Essential Business Server team and the awesome job they have done with EBS, I would really like a bypass switch on the Planning and Preparation Wizard for fresh installs.  Thank you Nicholas for your Blog post on how to get “around” it by running it on your laptop/Tablet PC, but at least the information we key in there could be used to populate the fields in the MGT configuration after it requests it.  🙂

A newly created recipient may not receive e-mail messages for up to 4 hours

Thanks to Susan Bradley for bringing my attention to this Microsoft KB.  It looks like in Essential Business Server 2008 if you create a new recipient and attempt to send them mail, it can take up to four hours for the Exchange Edge Server to synch up to the Messaging Server unless you manually run the Start-EdgeSynchronization cmdlet and force a synch, resulting in a 550 5.1.1 User unknown NDR being generated. See Microsoft KB 961303 for the details.  Looks like they are still updating the KB as of this time. Steve

How to get IMAPS configured on your EBS network (as in BlackBerry Storm)

Okay, I got a phone call that the owner’s son at a customer site has picked up a BlackBerry Storm and is traveling across the country tomorrow and needs it configured.  How do you do it?  Like this: All you need to do to get IMAPS (TCP Port 993) to work for external clients is create a TMG rule.  You’ll want to use IMAPS only, not IMAP, so you’ll keep your email and credentials secure.  Once you create the following rule in TMG, you can go to your cellular provider’s BIS site ( for example) and drop your email address and … Continue reading How to get IMAPS configured on your EBS network (as in BlackBerry Storm)

SCE issue with upgrades from SBS to EBS

SBS Group Policy is set to have clients check WSUS once an hour.  SCE/WSUS on EBS defaults to once a day, so you’ll need to remove the SBS WSUS Group Policy from your migration in order to keep the database size more manageable.

EBS 2008 – Company Profile; Type your company information

EBS setup alert: Under the Company Profile section of setup, when you get to the “Type your company information” screen, watch what you place in your entries for Company name, Name of certificate issuer, and Administrator’s name (optional). YOU ARE NAMING YOUR INTERNAL CERTIFICATE AUTHORITY HERE.  This is not for use with your third party purchased public cert, so remember that when entering your information (as in do not put in Dotster, GoDaddy, or your favorite cert authority information, use the the company information for the EBS’ location).  There is no redo on this one to my knowledge once it is set.

Migration from SBS 2003 to EBS 2008

  When migrating over to EBS from SBS 2003 there are couple pre-migration steps that will save you a lot of trouble. First: Change the IP address of your SBS LAN IP.  This will allow you to point mail to it during the installation process.  If you do not change it, then you will not be able to have mail hit it if one of your EBS servers (in our deployments, we’ve standardized on .1 for SEC, .2 for MGT, and .3 for MSG) are going to use x.x.x.2 (default SBS 2003 IP address fourth octet). Second: If running SBS … Continue reading Migration from SBS 2003 to EBS 2008

EBS Edge Server Message Routing

EBS 2008 Edge Server Message RoutingTwo send connectors are created – one to send mail to  the Messaging  Server and on to send mail to Internet.  We are being told that mail will queue during setup so don’t leave a production network hanging after this step for too long as it will be queuing up on you. The connectors are created with these settings: Connector to send mail to the existing mail server (Exchange or non-Exchange) Name; SendToMessagingAddress Space:  —            Port: 25Source IP: <Internal IP Address of Security Server>SmartHost : <IP Address of the existing mail server>TLS Required: FalseUsage: IntranetEnabled: … Continue reading EBS Edge Server Message Routing