Mark’s rules for TMG Firewall client (MRFTFC)

Mark Stanfill has started a great series, via his Twitter account, covering EBS rules for TMG. So good that I thought it a great idea to include them here. I’ll add to this post as he adds additional rules. Following are the first sets, plus a bonus precursor: #EBS08 New series: Mark’s rules for TMG Firewall client (MRFTFC) #EBS08 Never use ‘route add’ on TMG. Use the TMG getting started wizard instead. Look for startup scripts that do route adds,exclude admin #EBS08 MRFTFC #1 – You probably don’t need th FWC. 99% of apps can get by with SNAT and … Continue reading Mark’s rules for TMG Firewall client (MRFTFC)

Need to tame TMG in EBS 2008? Here’s your ticket!

After having a few weeks of close and personal time with TMG at one of our EBS sites, I had a chance to deploy and use this at another and it is awesome. If you run into a blocking issue that you need to deal with ASAP, you can drop down the overall level of TMG with the click of a button and alleviate your pain while you work on a new rule to drop into TMG to fix the original challenge. Or drop down the firewalling in TMG altogether and allow yourself the option of using a hardware firewall.

Hey Dave and Yuri, it’s EBS, not WEBS. ;-)

Looks like the Essential Business Server folks need to let the Forefront Team Blog crew know the correct acronym for the product they are bundling TMG in.  [:)] For a look at the Blog post Yuri Diogenes put together on it along with screen shots and another reference to “WEBS” check out Yuri’s Blog.