No, it’s not an iPhone, it’s a wPhone. ;-)

That’s “w” for WIndows… and Wi-Fi! Many thanks to Chris Rue for turning me onto this Engadget post with the awesome news that as of 9/14/09 AT&T is going to give Windows Mobile users unlimited access to AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots nationwide. And with WM 6.5 coming out in October, I feel a Fuze buring a hole in its EB Case, making way for a newer and cooler WM6.5 toy productivity tool.

HTC Fuze ROM Update- Version 5.11.502.2 WWE

Stumbled across this today on the HTC site.  Downloading mine now.  Looks like they have been listening to the “suggestions” out there from us Fuze users!  Reassignable PTT button, quicker GPS startup, Music Player album art/info (although my 120GB Zune is now where I put all my music these days), better TouchFlo3D.  Can’t wait to try it out!  Thanks HTC and AT&T! Download the HTC Fuze ROM Update- Version 5.11.502.2 WWE Release Date: 2009-05-28     Category: ROM Upgrade Why Update: This ROM update is intended for the HTC Fuze for AT&T only and users should not load or attempt to load … Continue reading HTC Fuze ROM Update- Version 5.11.502.2 WWE

AT&T – I thought only I had the poor call quality with you…

AT&T may have the “most bars” but, at least for me, and it looks as if for many others in the Western states, that doesn’t help when it comes to their call quality and dropped calls.  Check out the latest from J.D. Power and Associates on their ratings of cellular carriers.  AT&T was 6th place out of the six major carriers.  So the next time you are talking with me and the call drops, you’ll know why.