A newly created recipient may not receive e-mail messages for up to 4 hours

Thanks to Susan Bradley for bringing my attention to this Microsoft KB.  It looks like in Essential Business Server 2008 if you create a new recipient and attempt to send them mail, it can take up to four hours for the Exchange Edge Server to synch up to the Messaging Server unless you manually run the Start-EdgeSynchronization cmdlet and force a synch, resulting in a 550 5.1.1 User unknown NDR being generated. See Microsoft KB 961303 for the details.  Looks like they are still updating the KB as of this time. Steve

EBS Edge Server Message Routing

EBS 2008 Edge Server Message RoutingTwo send connectors are created – one to send mail to  the Messaging  Server and on to send mail to Internet.  We are being told that mail will queue during setup so don’t leave a production network hanging after this step for too long as it will be queuing up on you. The connectors are created with these settings: Connector to send mail to the existing mail server (Exchange or non-Exchange) Name; SendToMessagingAddress Space:  —            Port: 25Source IP: <Internal IP Address of Security Server>SmartHost : <IP Address of the existing mail server>TLS Required: FalseUsage: IntranetEnabled: … Continue reading EBS Edge Server Message Routing