Milestone XProtect Smart Client and Calyptix Firewalls

Having trouble viewing your security cameras using Milestone XProtect Smart Client software ( from behind your Calyptix AccessEnforcer ( Add the public IP address of your camera system to the Web Filter Exemptions list in the AccessEnforcer and you should be set.

DSL slower behind your firewall than when attached to the DSL modem?

Great tip from the folks at Calyptix: On DSL connections, if you are experiencing slow Web browsing, or certain Websites and downloads not loading across multiple computers on your network, you might need to change your firewall’s MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit, or largest packet size that can be transmitted) value from the default of 1500 (default on most firewalls) to either 1452 or 1492. You can check with your ISP for their recommended setting, but a simple way to check is to run a speed test from behind your firewall using each of the three settings (1500, 1492, and 1452) and … Continue reading DSL slower behind your firewall than when attached to the DSL modem?

Calyptix and Third Tier team up for a great support combo!

Congratulations to both Calyptix and Third Tier for a great idea in bringing in Third Tier as Calyptix’s AccessEnforcer™ integration support team.  From my personal experience with both companies and their respective key individuals, I see this as a win-win combination for everyone involved.  Calyptix, Third Tier, Calyptix’s partners and most importantly, Calyptix’s end user customers.  Check out the BusinessWire press release! Very cool news indeed! Steve

Calyptix, IP blocks, and SMTP servers

Calyptix Access Enforcer firewalls are great.  I’m writing this post from behind our AE1000 right now.  I’m a big fan of theirs and intend to deploy many more at our customer sites as we refresh their existing firewalls and servers.  That said, there is a bit of an issue with the SMTP aliasing right now.  If you are using a single IP, or have it behind another NAT device (normally a DSL or cable broadband endpoint) then you are okay.  But if you have a block of IPs configured in the Calyptix be careful.  If you have x.x.x.21 as the … Continue reading Calyptix, IP blocks, and SMTP servers

Have a Calyptix and Microsoft Updates are failing?

Setting up a new Windows 2008 x64 Server and loading updates on a customer’s Vista notebook.  Having updates fail on the server with an 802002b error stating “Windows Update encountered an unknown error” on the 2008 box.  I have also been having an IE 7 update failing consistently on our SBS 2003 box.  Decided to try turning off the Web monitoring/filtering our office’s Calyptix AE1000.  All updates completed without any trouble.  I like the Calyptix, but if you are running into similar errors, either on Calyptix, or other firewalls for that matter, try turning off the monitoring / outbound filtering.