Happy New Year

    Wishing everyone a very happy new year and may you all have great days ahead in this year and so on.
Let us look back to the year that passed by , the eventful 2005 , and talk about the changes since last 1 year.
If you ask me to point out the most notable change in this last one year , I would say it has to be the extra-ordinary rise of the threat named Spyware.  And with it , awareness did increase but as always a little too late.
Even one year ago , if you would have pronounced the word “spyware” , you would more often than not been asked … ” What is Spyware? ” . Now people know what is spyware and what it is doing, though they are still looking for more guidance as in this last year , we saw big and reputed companies also jumped in to cash in on their “big names”.
Sony Rootkit saga was one of the ( if not “THE” ) most talked about incident in the year 2005. The superb research by Mark Russinovich left the world … ( read Sony ) shaken .
But thanks to the incident , people suddenly became aware of Rootkits . Now they searched internet , talked with fellow associates , read newspapers and oh ofcourse , suddenly the normal Joe who would rather ask “why should I use Anti Virus?” now asks ” I have already used RootkitRevealer , do you think BlackLight is better?”
It is normal rule , people will only shout when he sees his own existence and own belongings are in threat , and a single ripple around one corner is enough to make it a Tsunami.
This year also had a huge Sober and Zotob worm breakout. Made huge impacts all around and companies like CNN were in recieving end too.
Talking about Sober , The sober worm is scheduled to hit on January 5th. . A  Keep It Short and Simple rule is , use real time antivirus/antispyware and do not open any attachments without scanning it first. It is always better to use commonsense and not panic. And FBI will not mail you about what you have been looking at , if they want they would rather call you or knock at the door.
But the fake identity was also a matter of concern and identity theft ring incident made news everywhere . Patrick Jordan, researcher and expert, noticed a new Trojan horse program/Keylogger that was being distributed from one suspicious website and communicating to a remote server in the United States. After locating and exploring that server, Jordan found text files with information on thousands of victims, including bank account information for several companies, according to information posted online by Alex Eckelberry, president of Sunbelt. 
Sunbelt Software Inc., an anti-spyware software vendor , another name that made news and is now almost at the top of it all. President Alex runs his excellent blog at http://sunbeltblog.blogspot.com and is a source of lots of informations , and the company itself earned much more accolades when they announced of reviving Kerio Firewall, which was planned to be discontinued by Kerio.
2005 had been a great year. A year which saw Microsoft releasing beta products of much-awaited Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Vista ( name changed from Longhorn). A year which 180solutions trying to gain some “good name” . A year which sure gave lots of promise and hope for a greater year that has arrived. Time to welcome the new year 2006 and hope it brings more solutions than problems…. as if we already dont have enough of problems to deal with.

First Post

Hello World …
I am still configuring and selecting skins for this space. I thank Susan Bradley , MVP ( and for many MVPs she is more like MVP Mom ) for taking quite some troubles in preparing up the blog .
I am a 23 year old guy from India , who completed his Bachelors in Engineering in 2004. I was awarded MVP in Windows Security in July 2005 and even more good news were waiting , when I got offer from Microsoft on July 23 .
I will join Microsoft as Spyware Analyst and will be relocating to Redmond very soon.
I run my own website http://www.subratam.org , microsoft approved related community website and also provide help and take part as security expert in different anti-spyware community websites.